Looking for the Best IGCSE Coaching Classes/Home Tutors in Mumbai ?

The Home tutoring, which had once started as a pioneering step undertaken by the experienced academician Mr. Prashant Ganger in 1992, was embodied into an institute in 2005; The Wisdom Academy. The immense success & credibility of the Wisdom Academy is expressed by the fact that it has outgrown its expectations and limits with an overwhelming appreciation from thousands of its students.

We are now successfully running institutes providing precise guidance in our classroom and home coaching for national & international Entrance exams like TOEFL, GRE, IELTS, IIT, NEET, SSC, CAT, CET, NMAT, SAT, GMAT, and various Education patterns like IGCSE, IB, CBSE, and ICSE.

Looking for the Best IGCSE Home Tutors in Mumbai
Looking for the Best IGCSE Home Tutors in Mumbai

How we help students to rank well in IGCSE?

  • A good ranking in exams entails three factors prominently- Teacher, Teaching, and an engaging & fruitful teacher-student Relationship. We excel them all with our-
  • Accomplished teachers– we adopt stringent criteria to recruit skilled and experienced tutors.
  • Best in class Tutoring– student-paced teaching with up to date syllabi.
  • Home tuitions– to attend the student with 100% dedication.
    • It takes care of even the hesitative student, to speak out, interact and perform.
    • Additionally, it provides students with the extra-time that is usually lost in traveling to the coaching institutions.
  • Our IGCSE home tutors in Andheri & Borivali progressively impart the knowledge by
  • Outlining the entire course structure, to convey how the concepts and topics link to each other.
  • Starting with the basics and then extending them to go deep into the complexities.
  • Covering every IGCSE topic & concept, with additional revisions of the potential ones.
  • Exposing the student to numerous problems, to develop problem-solving skills.
  • Giving extra attention to the questions & concepts, that student faced difficulties in.
  • Result-oriented tuitions- We do not take only tutoring as our accomplishment but also the outstanding performance of the student in Exams. Therefore, we work out on-
  • Time management plans.
  • Regular tests & mock tests to eliminate nervousness and develop an ease, with examinations.
  • Assistance until the last minute.
  • Additional tips, to help the student grasp the theme of the question; This saves a good time in exams.

How do we manage to be the Best?

  • By adopting a holistic teaching approach for the all-round development of a student, that others give a miss.
  • By employing a concept-oriented home tutoring, we make student capable enough to solve unseen queries all by themselves.
  • Although we provide you with the best tutor, we do not impose them on you. With a plethora of IGCSE home tutors in Borivali, you can choose the best, yourself.
  • Our IGCSE home teachers efficiently use the Teacher-Student-Parent trilogy to keep parents updated with the actual progress and real capabilities of their children; this helps reduce student stress- which consequently helps them perform better psychologically and academically.
  • Last but not the least, our results speak out for us louder than others’ words.

For IGCSE home tutors in Mumbai, Contact us-

  • Using website Contact Form
  • Call: 932-447-5566 / 981-949-5082

Here are the Secrets to Fast-track JEE Preparation for 2018

12 lakh students sat for JEE Main 2017 while there were only about 11,000 B.Tech seats in IITs. Since all the engineering students dream of joining IITs, we saw about 110 students competing for each IIT seat that was available. Isn’t that daunting? But you realise that only at the last minute. No one really talks about it when you are in Class XI or in Class IX – when you just start your IIT JEE coaching.

What no one tells you is that IITs not a place for bright students. Over the years, many of the brightest students of their respective classes have failed to make it to the IITs while students who have been considered ‘quite average in studies’ made it to the most coveted IIT seats. The different between ‘success’ and ‘failure’ in IIT JEE preparation simply depends on your time management skills, your preparation strategy, your study plan – and above all, your commitment to crack the exam.

Here are some of the time-tested tips that have delivered results for several engineering exam toppers and that can help you zoom up your IIT JEE preparation 2018:

Too Many Books are Not Good for JEE Preparation

You cannot hope to master any concept – be it Physics, Math or Chemistry – until you understand its basics or fundamentals well. If you are weak in concepts, do not attempt solving practice questions IIT JEE coaching providers hand out to you straightaway. This may only put a dent in your confidence. First, read the chapter once again and try to understand it.

NCERT books are great for starters – as they are easy and to-the-point. Use reference books recommended to you for IIT JEE preparation 2018 only when you need help on a particular topic. Do not put too many books on your table as the course may seem insurmountable to you.

In Physics, you should first do practice papers and course modules provided by IIT JEE coaching of your choice, then, go through solved examples of H C Verma’s book and then, do the exercise given in the book at the end of the chapter. Short answer-type questions will also help you learn your theory better. In the later stages, you can start trying to solve questions from Irodov’s book as they are easy and conceptual.

Similarly, you should start with NCERT book and coaching modules for Math and then, move on to S L Looney examples and exercises. In Chemistry, O P Tandon’s books are good for practicing problems.


Important Topics for IIT JEE preparation 2018

JEE syllabus is humongous and there is no doubt about it. When you have less time, you have to study smart. It means that you need to concentrate more on topics from which carry more weightage (or from which more questions are asked in JEE exam). Here is a disclaimer though. All topics are important and must be studied well. JEE exams are difficult to predict and you may find 10% marks stemming from a single chapter that you skipped. That said, here are the topics we thing you should focus on more:


Out of 20 chapters in Physics that you study in Class XI and XII, the ten more important ones are:

  • Dimensional Analysis: This is an easy one. Knowing units and dimensions of various physical quantities can prove invaluable to you when you need to eliminate options in MCQs you are not sure about.
  • Gravitation & Electrostatics: These chapters have similar concepts that become easier to pick up when they are read one after the other.
  • Current, Electricity & Heat Transfer: Again, these chapters have similar concepts and should be read one after the other for quicker understanding. Do note that sometimes similarities can be misleading and you need to pay special attention to these points.
  • Electromagnetic Induction & Waves & Sound should be studied together.
  • Geometrical Optics & Thermodynamics should be read together.
  • Kinetic Theory of Gases & Rotational Dynamics go together too.

9 most important topics in Physics (weightage-wise) are:

  • Magnetism – Weightage: 6%
  • Heat & Thermodynamics – Weightage: 6% (important both for Physics and Chemistry)
  • Centre of Mass, Momentum and Collision – Weightage: 5%
  • Simple Harmonic Motion – Weightage: 5%
  • Wave Motion and String Waves – Weightage: 5%
  • Nuclear Physics – Weightage: 5%
  • Modern Physics – Weightage: 5%
  • Rotational Dynamics – Weightage: 4%
  • Fluid Mechanics – Weightage: 2 – 5%. (Some of the trickiest JEE questions are based on Bernoulli’s principle).

You can expect 2 to 3 questions from each of these topics in your JEE exam.


When it comes to engineering, you have to be sound in Math. You need a lot of practice to master Maths too. Truth be told, you should not skip anything in Math. Still, 7 most-important Math topics (weightage-wise) from which 2-3 questions are asked in JEE exam every year are:

  • Integration  – Weightage: 8% (covers both Definite and Indefinite integration)
  • Probability and Statistics  – Weightage: 7%
  • 3D Geometry – Weightage: 5%. These questions are generally straightforward types.
  • Vector Algebra  – Weightage: 5%
  • Complex Numbers  – Weightage: 5%
  • Parabola  – Weightage: 3%
  • Trigonometric Ratios  – Weightage: 3%


Out of 25 chapters in Chemistry, you should pay special attention to the following during JEE preparation for 2018:

  • Chemical Bonding & The Periodic Table: Must-do. If you can master this one, you will love Chemistry forever.
  • Carbonyl Compounds & their derivatives
  • Redox reactions, Mole Concept & the Concept of Equivalents
  • Solid State, Solutions & Gases theory
  • Thermochemistry & the Second Law of Thermodynamics

6 most important Chemistry topics (weightage-wise) are:

  • General Organic Chemistry – Weightage: 7%
  • Atomic Structure – Weightage: 5%
  • Aldehydes and Ketones – Weightage: 5%
  • d & f Block Elements – Weightage: 5%
  • Gaseous State – Weightage: 3%
  • Hydrocarbons – Weightage: 2%

Visualisation is the Key to Understanding PCM Concepts better

Visualisation is the Key to Understanding PCM Concepts better
Visualisation is the Key to Understanding PCM Concepts better

Try to draw a diagram for everything first and then, try to answer the question. Practice is the only key to develop your problem-solving skills.

Mind maps are a great way to learn major concepts, facts and formulaes of a chapter. When you are stuck with a topic, google for its mnemonics, video tutorials, and mind maps. It should help you understand the topic better.

Other Things to Remember:

For analytical questions, read through solved examples first and then, try to solve similar questions.

Keep the last 3-4 months for revision and practicing mock tests and previous years’ question papers.

Advantages of Home Tutors for Engineering (B.Tech/B.E.) Subjects

Coaching and Tuitions are good, but they can never outscore Home tutoring. With an increase in the number of Engineering students passing out every year, it has become almost impossible to secure a job with surety, unless you are determined, skilled and talented enough to step over the hurdles.

About 60% of engineering students are unemployed”- All India Council for Technical Education

Eventually, the engineering students are coerced into doing a job, not from their educational backgrounds like that of BPO or Customer care executive.

Coaching & tuition is a huge business that makes money out of your pockets and provides you with ‘one size fits all’ kind of intellectual assistance, leaving no room for a weak student to thrive and grow.

At times like these, engineering home tutors are the best solution to your worries if you are pursuing an engineering course like B.Tech or B.E. With home tutoring you are not only investing in your studies but also stepping up to securing a good job, indirectly.

Advantages of Home Tutors for Engineering (B.Tech/B.E.) Subjects
Advantages of Home Tutors for Engineering (B.Tech/B.E.) Subjects

Engineering home tuition brings numerous advantages to your academic life that coachings give a miss.

  • Opting for an Engineering Home Tutoring is a Good Investment- In a coaching, you are not only paying for the tutoring you acquire but also for the infrastructure you use like Chair & Table, Electricity, Fans, Building charge and others. Contrary to that, with an engineering home tuition, you pay directly to your tutor or the providing institution only for the private tuition that ultimately uplifts your entire pedagogic quality and level.
  • Personalized and Self-paced Tutoring– Every engineering student is distinct, so are their intellectual needs. No tutor is going to take pains in going through every student in their coaching when they have time limitations and lots of students to concentrate upon.

Then, what about you? Do you think your query will get a suitable answer if you did not perceive it in one attempt? I do not think so.

The case is quite different with a home tutoring for engineering subjects where the tutor has only you to focus upon and will move on only when you have gotten the concept entirely.
You will be exposed to a whole lot of problems to practice that nurture every aspect of your understanding of the subject.

Personalized learning helps students become more efficient at tackling real world complexities Huffingtonpost.com

  • Benefits you with Extra Time at your disposal- Engineering subjects consist of a massive syllabus to cover in a definite time. Some students even prefer to give up on certain topics or chapters rendering them weak at those topics & concepts throughout their academic life that cost huge when they appear for any engineering entrance exam like CAT, GATE, or SSC, UPSC, Defense exams.

Only 7% Engineering Graduates Employable”- Aspiring Minds (employability evaluation and Certification Company).

Home tuition saves your commuting time leaving you with more of it to cover a subject completely. You can spend the extra time on other activities as well, without compromising with your studies.

The competition in engineering sector now is way harder than ever. This requires you to leave no stone unturned to land in the merit position, and it is possible if you work on making your ‘own’ path with some dedicated engineering home-tuitions rather than following others in their sheep’s walk. You can easily find some excellent engineering home tutors in Mumbai if you are living in the vicinity.

After all, this investment is worth making for your bright career and future. Good Luck!

NEET Success Story : 2 Attempts to Achieve My Dream to be a Doctor

Hi, I am Puneet and here is my NEET success story. I hope it will help you achieve your NEET 2018 goal and will motivate you even if don’t fare well in your school exams now.

NEET Success Story: Two Attempts to achieve my Dream to be a Doctor
                  NEET Success Story: Two Attempts to achieve my Dream to be a Doctor

I was an average student who would rank somewhere in 9-15 in a class of thirty. After tenth, I decided to go with Biology, as Maths was too intellectually demanding and I was obviously not up for that.

Since I had no proper guidance as to what to do and how to prepare for NEET, I was focused only on subjective school exams in class 11th and studied likewise with NCERT textbooks and some light-weight refreshers like S.C. Chand. Overall, I was best at biology, good at chemistry and worst at physics as it was a close relative of Maths.

It was not until I reached class 12 that I started thinking seriously about my career after 12th. Therefore, I joined a coaching institute in the locals, but, all that attending school followed by coaching was too exertive for me. Moreover, with the different exam patterns of school and NEET, It required me to put in more than the regular study hours.

Although I started to do good in the school tests by ranking in 3-5, the situation was quite inverse in my coaching tests with my rank plunging down to 16-19. That was a disaster for me that even after giving in so much of effort I was not doing great in coaching.

I had a classmate who had opted for PCM and was preparing for IIT. He was so hell bent on his studies and coaching notes that I could not recall him without any book in his hand even today. He greatly inspired me to be dedicated and concentrated more towards NEET. Although, it was too late in Nov-Dec when I started to develop a habit of studying for additional hours.

Finally, I gave my boards and NEET 2016. Well, as expected I did well in my board exams but couldn’t qualify NEET.

It was a sad moment for me, and I would have gone into depression if it were not my parents. They gave me positive hope and kept me motivated to start afresh with 100% dedication to NEET.

Afterwards, I,-

  • Stopped watching TV/Movies, playing video games
  • looked for every spare moment to utilize it to learn and practice.
  • Started waking up early in the morning at 4 am.
  • Studied close to 10-12 hours daily including the coaching hours.
  • Searched for exam tips on Quora and got useful answers from AIPMT and NEET qualified MBBS students, that helped me in the NEET Exam.

I had to prepare two years of the syllabus in a single year. Since I had covered NCERT books quite well; it helped me greatly in understanding the complex concepts and questions.

For chemistry, I used books from Balaji Publications, for biology, the NCERT books, previous years’ question papers and coaching notes and for Physics, I referred to D Mukherjee and S C Verma books.

I again appeared for NEET 2017 and got AIR 703 (UR). Well, that was the happiest day for me. I got admission in a medical college in my state. So, this is the reason I am sharing my NEET success story with you all so that you can qualify NEET 2018 without any nervousness or frustration.

For those who are preparing for NEET 2018, here are some tips from my experience.

  • Be regular in your studies and practice more.
  • Give a good time to NCERT Books to build your conceptual foundation.
  • Join a coaching institute as it will keep you engaged and motivated with regular tests, like-minded competitive students and experienced faculty.
  • Solve the last ten years of question papers including AIPMTs’.
  • Don’t only rely on solving similar problems, but also address some unseen questions from other books and sample papers.
  • Mark tough questions while practicing and revise them.
  • Do the Biology part first then physics, and finally the chemistry.

Be positive and don’t lose hope, and I wish you would share your NEET success story here someday.


NEET 2018: How to Prepare/Crack NEET 2018 in One Year ?

Almost every student with Biology as their preferred subject in Class 11th and 12th aspires to study medical course (MBBS) or dental course (BDS). Well, for them, NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) is the prominent qualifying examination. It is taken by almost 10 Lack students per year for 1 Lack medical and dental seats all over the India.

It has replaced AIPMT and state level medical entrance exams to bring all of the private and government medical colleges under one roof of NEET.

The syllabus of NEET 2018 will be covering over 13,000 topics and concepts, so it is essential to start studying right from class 11th. However, if you have not, then you should start getting your concepts cleared right away.

How to Prepare/Crack NEET 2018
How to Prepare/Crack NEET 2018

NEET 2018 is going to be a fierce intellectual battle and to crack it, you will have to set your priorities in a well-structured way.

These tips will answer your “how to crack NEET 2018’ queries thoroughly-

Set a Practically Followable timetable- Start with making a fixed time table that suits you not an imaginative one or like that of your friend’s. Only you can understand your strengths and weaknesses better, so, let the things move according to your pace.

Study at least three hours in one sitting and then take a break.

Start from the Start

  • Start with Class 11th & 12th NCERT books; it helps you to understand those 13,000 concepts on a basic level that are necessarily required to crack NEET 2018.
  • Then, Move on to the important chapters and concepts.
  • You can also use online tutoring videos from Khan Academy, YouTube, etc.
  • Keep making Notes alongside and listing out the Formulas.

Test out yourself regularly, and Practice-

  • Analyze your learning pace by solving sample questions for that particular concept or chapter.
  • Mark the questions that you stuck.
  • Revise the concepts that fuel those questions.
  • Tip– Searching for the concept online will help you to understand it easily with the examples.
  • Do not overlook any potent question or concept if cracking NEET 2018 is your ultimate goal.

Revise the Important Areas-

  • Don’t expect you can memorise a concept, formula, equation, derivation or mechanism in one go. It seems this way, but it is not. Revise them
  • Also revise what you once had difficulty with.
  • Give extra attention to important reactions and derivations
  • Solve the questions based on them.

Finally, it is the time to take Mock Tests and Analyse-

  • Once you are done with the entire NEET 2018 syllabus, go for solving the previous years’ Question papers, Sample Papers and Online questions for NEET.
  • Analyze your growth and point out your mistakes.
  • Give those questions your time and work on them.
  • Search for similar other questions and try to solve them. You can find many online.
  • Repeat the steps 2 & 3.
  • It will boost your confidence to overcome nervousness and will build your speed to solve question paper in the given time.

Bonus Tips:

  • Explain the concepts and mechanisms to someone to get a good hold of them.
  • You should also give online learning its worth share.
  • Ask your queries on Question & Answer sites like Quora, Yahoo Answers.

It would be hugely helpful to you.

  • Search for Explanatory videos.
  • Do not undermine the role of NCERT Books even if you have those costly thick Refreshers.