The Pros of Engineering Coaching Classes and How it Helps to Students

Competitive Exams help to select the crème de la crème and help them in pursuing their further studies.  The students are chosen based on the aptitude that they have for the profession. The days of studying from the book by-heart are gone. The day is here where every single student is ambitious and wants to achieve more with life. Everyone wants to study at either IIT or at AIMS.  To fulfill their dreams, and sometimes to fulfill the dreams of the parents, students attend engineering coaching classes.

Need for Engineering Coaching Classes:

  1. Scheduled System of Study:  Taking Engineering coaching classes provide the students with scope for a more systematic method of study. Students deviate a lot and lose focus. When the system is more procedural, they can perform better. Coaching classes also provide coaching with the exams in mind. They also provide conceptual coaching, which is needed for professions like Engineering.
  2. Guidance: They provide the students with guidance in the right direction. They also help them in familiarizing the students with the vast syllabus and give them an idea on topics to be covered. It also teaches them valuable lessons in managing time and ability. The mock tests and model tests held at the best engineering coaching classes/ Engineering Home Tutors help in assessing the student periodically.
  3. Exam Pattern: The competitive exams that were held earlier had a very specific pattern that was followed every year. Lately, there has been a change in that trend. Most exam patterns have changed. JEE has been introduced in place of AIEEE. With the help of Ithe best engineering coaching, all-around preparation can be achieved. Students will be ready to face any entrance exam irrespective of pattern changes. They will also have an opportunity to adapt to the new pattern.
The pros of engineering coaching classes and How it Helps to students
The pros of engineering coaching classes and How it Helps to students

Benefits for the Students

A lot of students take a year off after they complete their schooling to prepare for coaching classes.  These classes apart from being a place of learning also provide the students with an opportunity to interact and mingle with people of the same age. The time can also be a depressing one where students can get side-tracked easily. However, this sense of comradeship can also help them stay on track and be a good stress-buster. Coaching classes also involve constant competition between friends. This means that it helps you in testing your limits. With help of these classes, the plan is readymade and it is possible to start off studying rather than waste time in preparing the plan. Study materials provided by coaching classes are tried and tested and they help increase the chances of success. Opportunities that were not seen previously will also become visible with the help of these classes.

It has been statistically proven that coaching classes are helpful for students to crack entrance exam.  However, it is not the magic of the coaching class that helps them in achieving this statistic; rather, it is the hard work that students put, along with consistency, that propel them forward into success.

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NEET 2018: Self-Study Or Coaching- Which Is The Right Way To Prepare?

When your dream is to qualify NEET 2018, a common question, whether to opt for self-study or coaching, generally arises. Now, if you take into account the trends in the ‘way of preparation’ that has led to higher selections in NEET, both self-study and coaching are almost equally creditable.

We are going to bring out a comparative analysis that will help you take the decision. Eventually, for an answer to how to score in NEET 2018, it is you who knows the best choice for yourself.

NEET 2018: Self-Study Or Coaching- Which Is The Right Way To Prepare?
NEET 2018: Self-Study Or Coaching- Which Is The Right Way To Prepare?

How Coaching has the edge over the Self-study?

It is not absurd to say that preparation through coaching is highly advantageous for students who are not determined enough. Prominently, it helps you with-

  1. Strategized learning– Unlike self-study where you devote a considerable time figuring out the-
  • Strategy,
  • study plans/targets,
  • important topics/concepts, and
  • the balance between subjects

..before starting your study, coaching provides you with the-

  • pinpoint notes,
  • regular tests,
  • shortcuts,
  • tips & tricks,
  • errors to avoid, and

..many other benefits. The chances are extremely low if you will ever fail to cover entire syllabus in coaching.

  1. Doubt clarification– while self-studying, the only way to get over a difficulty is-
  • By consulting various books & refreshers,
  • online searching, and
  • asking with school teachers, (if they are cool enough).

Otherwise, you are on your own, which creates frustration, disappointments and hurdles in your preparation.

A Coaching provides dedicated teachers who are there only to address your NEET 2018 queries and problems. The preparation, therefore, goes on smoothly.

  1. Regularity, motivation and experienced touch– if it will be your first confrontation with NEET 2018, the chances are that you may not be-
  • Determined enough,
  • regular, and
  • undistracted

..during your self-study. You may feel demotivated at times, even hopelessness and frustration can engulf you. A good coaching, however, develops a

  • winning attitude,
  • competitiveness,
  • efficiency, and
  • discipline

..through monitoring, evaluation and motivation by highly experienced teachers.

  1. A ranking system– with self-study you can prepare everything in the syllabus and solve the sample papers and previous year question papers, but how are you going to analyse where you stand? Although you can test your rank with smartphone apps, they only serve the purpose partially.

The coaching institutions employ a ranking system either within the institution or across all the institutions of that brand, over the India. It is quite an incredible procedure to taste the real competition and prepare likewise.

Why go for Self-Study?

  1. You are determined and focused– This is the most important factor required for NEET 2018. If you know what to do and how to do, there is a negligible need for coaching.
  2. You have a reliable guidance– if you have a competent guidance, either from your parents, elders or relatives, which is dependable for your preparation.
  3. You have already appeared for NEET– NEET 2018 is going to be your second or third attempt? Then, self-study is your way as you must have already sorted out the basics.
  4. You had your coaching earlier– There is no need to do it again. You have your notes and all the required resources. How to plan your study is already known to you. Just get it to work now.
  5. Saves you a sizeable amount of time– You will have all the time, probably 1-3 hours, that is usually spent on commuting to the coaching institution. You now know where to invest that time, don’t you?

Conclusion– Whether you prepare with coaching or self-study, if you lack in regular practice and resolution to qualify NEET 2018, it is going to be a hard way down the road. So analyse the entire scenario and take the best course of your success.

All the best!

NEET 2018 : How to score 500+ Marks in NEET 2018

NEET 2018 is getting closer with each passing day, and the alarm bells have already rung for the whole preparation process to pick up the pace. However, if you have not started yet, this is your final call to get going. All you have to do is a practical planning and dedicate yourself until the NEET 2018 is over. we will elucidate to you how to score in NEET 2018 with guaranteed success. Follow me through-

How to score 500+ Marks in NEET 2018
How to score 500+ Marks in NEET 2018

NEET 2018 will have three hours to attend 180 questions from Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

The Marks Allotment for the subjects is-

Subjects               Questions           Marks

Chemistry           45                           180

Physics                 45                           180

Zoology                45                           180

Botany                  45                           180

TOTAL                   180                         720

One mark will be deducted for each incorrect answer

To ensure you score well over 500 marks, it is essential to set your target around 600 and 650.

  1. The Conceptual learning works well in NEET. There is a broad difference between the patterns in academic exams and entrance exams. So rather than preparing and expecting for only certain questions that you know, clarify your concepts to prepare yourself for the unseen questions of any difficulty level. Afterwards, go for sample MCQs.

Physics– Practice numerical.

  • Concepts of Physics, Vol. 1 & 2 by H.C. Verma is the best you can get

Chemistry– Being divided into physical, organic and inorganic, focus more on the numerical problems. Start with NCERT and move on to additional books-

  • Organic chemistry by Morrison and Boyd
  • Concise Inorganic Chemistry by J. D. Lee
  • Objective Chemistry by Arihant


  • Cover everything in NCERT
  • Move on to solving last ten years question papers.
  1. -Make self-notes, especially for physics, in minimum words possible. Your performance in physics will play a prominent role in the college allotment process by NEET 2018.

-Revise the chemical reactions or better if you write them on a chart and stick it to your bedroom wall.

-For Biology, prepare notes from NCERT in your words.

-Eventually, go for online test papers to develop the required speed and time management skills.

Check & evaluate your mistakes and practice them more.

  1. Regular Breaks are significant. Our brain remains focused for only a little time, after which it simply wanders off. The smart way is to get out of your chair after every 30 minutes and relax for 5-6 minutes. This is an efficient and more productive way of studying.
  2. Meditation helps you in understanding and grasping the concept quickly. It concentrates your attention at a single thing by making your brain stronger than

Moreover, it helps you overcome the exam anxiety and nervousness in exam hall by keeping you calm & relaxed.

  • Relax, close your eyes, feel and observe the air coming through your nostrils and going back out. Do it 10-15 minutes daily.
  1. Minimize your distractions like social media, TV, time-consuming games, chatting, attending multiple occasions, and going movies. You will love and enjoy them more after a successful NEET 2018.
  2. Take online help– some concepts are too difficult to understand only through books. To save time, you need an interactive presentation. Search online for the problematic concept, and you can get a rich
  3. Practice as much as you can once you are done with your syllabus. Search ‘practice for NEET’ on Google and you will get the best sites for the same.