Difference : NEET Vs AIIMS Vs JIPMER Examinations

NEET, AIIMS, and JIPMER are common exams that a medical aspirant prepares for. NEET is more balanced and concepts, the presence of mind and speed are commonly tested. Understanding and concepts are tested with AIIMS, and the exam usually has lengthy problems. In JIPMER, speed is tested as the candidate has to be faster than for NEET and AIIMS.

Difference : NEET Vs AIIMS Vs JIPMER Examinations
Difference: NEET Vs AIIMS Vs JIPMER Examinations


The syllabus of AIIMS and NEET are almost the same. PCB also has a similar syllabus. AIIMS has two additional sections namely General Knowledge, which deals with current affairs as well as aptitude. AIIMS entrance also has questions based on assertion-reasons. JIPMER has the same syllabus as AIIMS and NEET in Chemistry, Physics, and Biology. English and Reasons are additional sections in JIPMER.

Exam Pattern:

NEET is conducted offline in the paper and pen mode, while AIIMS and JIPMER are online exams that are CBT.

  1. NEET: NEET is a three-hour exam which has objective questions of which 45 are from Physics, 45 from Chemistry and 90 are from Biology. Every correct answer carries 4 marks while every wrong answer has a negative marking of 1 mark.
  2. AIIMS: AIMS is a three-and-a-half-hour exam with 200 objective type questions, of which 60 are from Physics, 60 are from Chemistry, 60 are from Biology, 10 are from General Knowledge and 10 are from aptitude and logical thinking. Incorrect responses earn a negative marking of -1/3.
  3. JIPMER: JIPMER exam lasts for 2.5 hours and the pattern is the same as the AIIMS exam. The bright side is that JIPMER has no negative marking for wrong answers.

Preparing for NEET, AIIMS, and JIPMER:

The syllabi of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology are the same and this makes it simple to prepare for. For AIIMS, you need to prepare for GK and Aptitude while for JIPMER, prepare English and Reasoning as well. Make sure you are confident conceptually in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.  NEET and AIIMS require a good knowledge of NCERT books. Opt for coaching material once the NCERT books are done.

For NEET, make sure you prepare past question papers. Because AIIMS is an online exam, there are not many previous questions available. However, you can practice with mock tests.  The mock tests are of the same standard as AIIMS test. When you prepare for the entrance exams, the pattern is the same for PCB. To prepare for General Knowledge, there will usually be time available to prepare after NEET. Physics is a bit tough in AIIMS than in NEET. However, if you are conceptually strong, it is easy to solve the problems.  The Assertion-Reasoning problems are usually tough in AIIMS. In JIPMER, there are 200 questions and only 150 minutes, which make speed and agility a requirement for JIPMER.

Seat Comparison:

NEET has 70,000 medical seats available and a large number of medical aspirants competing for it. AIIMS has 700 seats for Indian students and 7 seats for foreign nationals. This ratio makes the exam highly competitive and very challenging. JIPMER has only 200 seats available in its two campuses.


5 Important Things to Consider Before Joining a Coaching Center

In the race of getting through competitive exams and making it to the top most colleges, every student is looking for a good coaching centre that can help in achieving best results. Since there has been a tremendous growth in the number of coaching centers, it becomes very important for a student to choose the correct option for self. There are various factors on the basis of which a student can evaluate different centers and select the best one. Visit this https://greendayonline.com/bad-credit-loans-guaranteed/

Here are few important points that one must consider before joining a coaching center:

5 Important Things to Consider Before Joining a Coaching Center
5 Important Things to Consider Before Joining a Coaching Center
  1. Feedback and Past Results: The coaching institutes have become a business nowadays and are promoting themselves desperately to influence students. Companies such as The Marketing Heaven are usually hired for campaign conducting purposes on all social media by collecting as many likes and views as possible, which is the most effective way to approach young people. So, the best way to get a clear picture is to get feedback from the students who had previously studied in that institute. Talking with them will help you to know more about that institute and analyse if the place is suitable for you. Also, the past results and achievements will help you to know the reputation of the center. From the past results, you can know how much efforts does the faculty and center put for every student to achieve best results.
  2. Strength of batch: It is very important to consider the batch size in which you will be studying. You certainly will not be interested in paying a huge amount of fee, just to sit in a crowd an get neglected. There is no point of studying in a class where there are 60-70 students already sitting, just like in schools and colleges where the tutor fails to give attention to every student. The desired quality of teaching and results should be surely compromised. Look for an institute with smaller batches of students.
  3. Study Material and Mock Tests: The benefit of joining coaching center is the access to extra study material that it provides, giving an edge over the routine studies going in schools and colleges. Hence, one should make sure that the referring material should be of top quality. Moreover, revision and mock tests, crash course, group discussions and interviews will help the students to perform better and achieve desired results. So, opt such coaching center which includes these features as an integral part of their curriculum.
  4. Faculty and Demo Classes: To get an idea about the quality of teaching delivered by the teachers, go through the experience and qualification of the faculty, as they are the persons whose guidance will make a difference on what extra you learn. Also, consider a center that offers free demo classes, where the lectures are selected by you so that you can evaluate the quality of lectures.
  5. Fee Structure: Along with other factors, the most important factor is the fee structure that cannot be neglected. Various coaching centers today, are either offering very high fee structure or very low fee structure. Do not just go by a coaching center that offers an attractive fee structure, rather look for more options, evaluate what they offer and select a center that not only has a sensible fee structure but also provides best value for money.


NEET 2018: How to Crack Biology and Physics for NEET Exams

NEET has become an important exam in the life of every medical-aspirant. NEET is the National Eligibility Entrance Test that is conducted by CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) exclusively for those seeking admission for MBBS and BDS in India. Some criteria that should be satisfied to appear in these examinations.

Physics and Biology are important subjects that contribute significantly to the NEET percentile Hence there must be sufficient effort expended in these subjects.

NEET 2018: How to Crack Biology and Physics for NEET Exams
NEET 2018: How to Crack Biology and Physics for NEET Exams

Tips to Prepare For Physics:

Some tips that help prepare for Physics NEET exam are

  • Apps like Edurev are exclusively built for NEET preparation and 30 free spins no deposit netentplay.
  • Physics requires imagination rather than excessive studying. Rather than treating it as a subject, take it as a life lesson.
  • Be strong in basic mathematics as it can help in solving physics problems.
  • Rather than memorizing the formulae, derive them at least once for higher retention. It helps to be clear with the topics and the formulae.
  • Practice daily. Rather than solving MCQs from a range of books, stick to one book and be well-versed in it.
  • Make sure that you are strong with the fundamentals of physics. Important topics like Modern Physics, Conductors, Waves and Magnetic effects of current are very important and are believed to hold significant weight in the 45 questions.
  • To easily recollect the formulae, write them on a sheet of paper; make sure they are accessible and learn the formulae as well as shortcuts to solving problems as well.

Tips to Prepare for Biology:

Biology carries the maximum marks in the NEET 2018 Exams. To crack biology, here are some tips.

  • Make sure that you focus on structural studying and building the concept instead of going for quantity based study methods.
  • Consider the weighage that each section has and make sure to study appropriately.
  • Make sure you are conceptually strong on topics like Diversity in living world and Structural Organization and function.
  • Start preparing with NCERT books and make sure you take notes and read every day.
  • Once you are done with this, move on to coaching materials.
  • Give more importance to Animal Physiology and Genetics and Evolution.

General Tips to Crack NEET:

  • Makes sure you go through NCERT to revise important topic and concepts. Most questions are based on the NCERT books.
  • Rather than indulging in one topic and spending excessive amounts of time on a particular topic, make sure to study as many topics as you can.
  • Manage time well. When you are stuck on a problem, make sure you move on to the next one. By checking how many questions you are able to answer in 60 minutes once in a while, performance can constantly be monitored.

With the help of these tips, it is easy to crack NEET- the most important tip of them all is, it is easy to get stressed out during the NEET preparation.  But it is important to keep persevering and studying hard.