How to manage self-study and Engineering coaching classes

As soon as students get in class 11, most of them are made to pick a coaching institute for the preparation of various engineering entrance exams. Sometimes the students are under a lot of pressure from their parents. So, they might have to join these institutes unwillingly. If that isn’t quite enough, they also join separate classes for 12th board along with their engineering coaching. Not to forget, they also get loads of assignments from school with strict deadlines. Now, if we examine this scenario, doesn’t it occupy most of the time of students? The result is that their self-study suffers a great deal. Keeping this in mind, let us take a look as to how one can effectively manage self-study and Engineering coaching classes.

How to manage self-study and Engineering coaching classes
How to manage self-study and Engineering coaching classes


  1. Choosing a coaching institute

Choose an institute closer to your home so that you don’t waste much time on the road. Moreover, travel exhausts you more than the actual studying. So make sure that your coaching institute is within a walking distance or maximum 5-10 minutes via vehicle. Also, take a look at the institute’s timetable before joining. If the classes are for long hours daily then better find some other option. Prefer short durations like alternate days or weekly lectures over daily long sessions.

2 Planning your studies

“We don’t plan to fail, but we often fail to plan.” If you are struggling with school assignments and coaching worksheets, you need to plan your study hours well in advance. If you don’t, you will end up all puzzled as your exams start to near.

3 No Procrastination

The key to a good management is completing the task at hand as soon as possible. Procrastination takes away your peace of mind. It also reduces our efficiency at the last moment. We are in so much hurry to finish the task given to us that the quality of work declines if sufficient time and attention are not given to it.

4 Sticking to a schedule

All the planning and deciding in advance won’t help you if you don’t actually implement it. When you make a schedule for your studies, stick to it. Put aside all the distractions and focus your mind only on studies for a particular duration of time.

5 A good night’s sleep

Last, but not the least, a good night’s sleep plays a bigger role than any of the above-mentioned points. If you don’t sleep well at night, you are going to feel lethargic all day which, in turn, will affect your work and health in a negative manner. So, make sure you don’t compromise with your sleeping patterns. Instead of pulling all-nighters and becoming a caffeine addict, plan your day accordingly.

The importance of self- study in student life is immense and can’t be denied. It strengthens the concepts that are already taught to you. Multitasking isn’t an impossible task if proper balance is maintained. If you really want to succeed in life, self-study along with some guidance is the way to go.

Advantages of Home Tutors for Engineering (B.Tech/B.E.) Subjects

Coaching and Tuitions are good, but they can never outscore Home tutoring. With an increase in the number of Engineering students passing out every year, it has become almost impossible to secure a job with surety, unless you are determined, skilled and talented enough to step over the hurdles.

About 60% of engineering students are unemployed”- All India Council for Technical Education

Eventually, the engineering students are coerced into doing a job, not from their educational backgrounds like that of BPO or Customer care executive.

Coaching & tuition is a huge business that makes money out of your pockets and provides you with ‘one size fits all’ kind of intellectual assistance, leaving no room for a weak student to thrive and grow.

At times like these, engineering home tutors are the best solution to your worries if you are pursuing an engineering course like B.Tech or B.E. With home tutoring you are not only investing in your studies but also stepping up to securing a good job, indirectly.

Advantages of Home Tutors for Engineering (B.Tech/B.E.) Subjects
Advantages of Home Tutors for Engineering (B.Tech/B.E.) Subjects

Engineering home tuition brings numerous advantages to your academic life that coachings give a miss.

  • Opting for an Engineering Home Tutoring is a Good Investment- In a coaching, you are not only paying for the tutoring you acquire but also for the infrastructure you use like Chair & Table, Electricity, Fans, Building charge and others. Contrary to that, with an engineering home tuition, you pay directly to your tutor or the providing institution only for the private tuition that ultimately uplifts your entire pedagogic quality and level.
  • Personalized and Self-paced Tutoring– Every engineering student is distinct, so are their intellectual needs. No tutor is going to take pains in going through every student in their coaching when they have time limitations and lots of students to concentrate upon.

Then, what about you? Do you think your query will get a suitable answer if you did not perceive it in one attempt? I do not think so.

The case is quite different with a home tutoring for engineering subjects where the tutor has only you to focus upon and will move on only when you have gotten the concept entirely.
You will be exposed to a whole lot of problems to practice that nurture every aspect of your understanding of the subject.

Personalized learning helps students become more efficient at tackling real world complexities

  • Benefits you with Extra Time at your disposal- Engineering subjects consist of a massive syllabus to cover in a definite time. Some students even prefer to give up on certain topics or chapters rendering them weak at those topics & concepts throughout their academic life that cost huge when they appear for any engineering entrance exam like CAT, GATE, or SSC, UPSC, Defense exams.

Only 7% Engineering Graduates Employable”- Aspiring Minds (employability evaluation and Certification Company).

Home tuition saves your commuting time leaving you with more of it to cover a subject completely. You can spend the extra time on other activities as well, without compromising with your studies.

The competition in engineering sector now is way harder than ever. This requires you to leave no stone unturned to land in the merit position, and it is possible if you work on making your ‘own’ path with some dedicated engineering home-tuitions rather than following others in their sheep’s walk. You can easily find some excellent engineering home tutors in Mumbai if you are living in the vicinity.

After all, this investment is worth making for your bright career and future. Good Luck!