Difference : NEET Vs AIIMS Vs JIPMER Examinations

NEET, AIIMS, and JIPMER are common exams that a medical aspirant prepares for. NEET is more balanced and concepts, the presence of mind and speed are commonly tested. Understanding and concepts are tested with AIIMS, and the exam usually has lengthy problems. In JIPMER, speed is tested as the candidate has to be faster than for NEET and AIIMS.

Difference : NEET Vs AIIMS Vs JIPMER Examinations
Difference: NEET Vs AIIMS Vs JIPMER Examinations


The syllabus of AIIMS and NEET are almost the same. PCB also has a similar syllabus. AIIMS has two additional sections namely General Knowledge, which deals with current affairs as well as aptitude. AIIMS entrance also has questions based on assertion-reasons. JIPMER has the same syllabus as AIIMS and NEET in Chemistry, Physics, and Biology. English and Reasons are additional sections in JIPMER.

Exam Pattern:

NEET is conducted offline in the paper and pen mode, while AIIMS and JIPMER are online exams that are CBT.

  1. NEET: NEET is a three-hour exam which has objective questions of which 45 are from Physics, 45 from Chemistry and 90 are from Biology. Every correct answer carries 4 marks while every wrong answer has a negative marking of 1 mark.
  2. AIIMS: AIMS is a three-and-a-half-hour exam with 200 objective type questions, of which 60 are from Physics, 60 are from Chemistry, 60 are from Biology, 10 are from General Knowledge and 10 are from aptitude and logical thinking. Incorrect responses earn a negative marking of -1/3.
  3. JIPMER: JIPMER exam lasts for 2.5 hours and the pattern is the same as the AIIMS exam. The bright side is that JIPMER has no negative marking for wrong answers.

Preparing for NEET, AIIMS, and JIPMER:

The syllabi of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology are the same and this makes it simple to prepare for. For AIIMS, you need to prepare for GK and Aptitude while for JIPMER, prepare English and Reasoning as well. Make sure you are confident conceptually in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.  NEET and AIIMS require a good knowledge of NCERT books. Opt for coaching material once the NCERT books are done.

For NEET, make sure you prepare past question papers. Because AIIMS is an online exam, there are not many previous questions available. However, you can practice with mock tests.  The mock tests are of the same standard as AIIMS test. When you prepare for the entrance exams, the pattern is the same for PCB. To prepare for General Knowledge, there will usually be time available to prepare after NEET. Physics is a bit tough in AIIMS than in NEET. However, if you are conceptually strong, it is easy to solve the problems.  The Assertion-Reasoning problems are usually tough in AIIMS. In JIPMER, there are 200 questions and only 150 minutes, which make speed and agility a requirement for JIPMER.

Seat Comparison:

NEET has 70,000 medical seats available and a large number of medical aspirants competing for it. AIIMS has 700 seats for Indian students and 7 seats for foreign nationals. This ratio makes the exam highly competitive and very challenging. JIPMER has only 200 seats available in its two campuses.


NEET Success Story : 2 Attempts to Achieve My Dream to be a Doctor

Hi, I am Puneet and here is my NEET success story. I hope it will help you achieve your NEET 2018 goal and will motivate you even if don’t fare well in your school exams now.

NEET Success Story: Two Attempts to achieve my Dream to be a Doctor
                  NEET Success Story: Two Attempts to achieve my Dream to be a Doctor

I was an average student who would rank somewhere in 9-15 in a class of thirty. After tenth, I decided to go with Biology, as Maths was too intellectually demanding and I was obviously not up for that.

Since I had no proper guidance as to what to do and how to prepare for NEET, I was focused only on subjective school exams in class 11th and studied likewise with NCERT textbooks and some light-weight refreshers like S.C. Chand. Overall, I was best at biology, good at chemistry and worst at physics as it was a close relative of Maths.

It was not until I reached class 12 that I started thinking seriously about my career after 12th. Therefore, I joined a coaching institute in the locals, but, all that attending school followed by coaching was too exertive for me. Moreover, with the different exam patterns of school and NEET, It required me to put in more than the regular study hours.

Although I started to do good in the school tests by ranking in 3-5, the situation was quite inverse in my coaching tests with my rank plunging down to 16-19. That was a disaster for me that even after giving in so much of effort I was not doing great in coaching.

I had a classmate who had opted for PCM and was preparing for IIT. He was so hell bent on his studies and coaching notes that I could not recall him without any book in his hand even today. He greatly inspired me to be dedicated and concentrated more towards NEET. Although, it was too late in Nov-Dec when I started to develop a habit of studying for additional hours.

Finally, I gave my boards and NEET 2016. Well, as expected I did well in my board exams but couldn’t qualify NEET.

It was a sad moment for me, and I would have gone into depression if it were not my parents. They gave me positive hope and kept me motivated to start afresh with 100% dedication to NEET.

Afterwards, I,-

  • Stopped watching TV/Movies, playing video games
  • looked for every spare moment to utilize it to learn and practice.
  • Started waking up early in the morning at 4 am.
  • Studied close to 10-12 hours daily including the coaching hours.
  • Searched for exam tips on Quora and got useful answers from AIPMT and NEET qualified MBBS students, that helped me in the NEET Exam.

I had to prepare two years of the syllabus in a single year. Since I had covered NCERT books quite well; it helped me greatly in understanding the complex concepts and questions.

For chemistry, I used books from Balaji Publications, for biology, the NCERT books, previous years’ question papers and coaching notes and for Physics, I referred to D Mukherjee and S C Verma books.

I again appeared for NEET 2017 and got AIR 703 (UR). Well, that was the happiest day for me. I got admission in a medical college in my state. So, this is the reason I am sharing my NEET success story with you all so that you can qualify NEET 2018 without any nervousness or frustration.

For those who are preparing for NEET 2018, here are some tips from my experience.

  • Be regular in your studies and practice more.
  • Give a good time to NCERT Books to build your conceptual foundation.
  • Join a coaching institute as it will keep you engaged and motivated with regular tests, like-minded competitive students and experienced faculty.
  • Solve the last ten years of question papers including AIPMTs’.
  • Don’t only rely on solving similar problems, but also address some unseen questions from other books and sample papers.
  • Mark tough questions while practicing and revise them.
  • Do the Biology part first then physics, and finally the chemistry.

Be positive and don’t lose hope, and I wish you would share your NEET success story here someday.


NEET 2018: How to Prepare/Crack NEET 2018 in One Year ?

Almost every student with Biology as their preferred subject in Class 11th and 12th aspires to study medical course (MBBS) or dental course (BDS). Well, for them, NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) is the prominent qualifying examination. It is taken by almost 10 Lack students per year for 1 Lack medical and dental seats all over the India.

It has replaced AIPMT and state level medical entrance exams to bring all of the private and government medical colleges under one roof of NEET.

The syllabus of NEET 2018 will be covering over 13,000 topics and concepts, so it is essential to start studying right from class 11th. However, if you have not, then you should start getting your concepts cleared right away.

How to Prepare/Crack NEET 2018
How to Prepare/Crack NEET 2018

NEET 2018 is going to be a fierce intellectual battle and to crack it, you will have to set your priorities in a well-structured way.

These tips will answer your “how to crack NEET 2018’ queries thoroughly-

Set a Practically Followable timetable- Start with making a fixed time table that suits you not an imaginative one or like that of your friend’s. Only you can understand your strengths and weaknesses better, so, let the things move according to your pace.

Study at least three hours in one sitting and then take a break.

Start from the Start

  • Start with Class 11th & 12th NCERT books; it helps you to understand those 13,000 concepts on a basic level that are necessarily required to crack NEET 2018.
  • Then, Move on to the important chapters and concepts.
  • You can also use online tutoring videos from Khan Academy, YouTube, etc.
  • Keep making Notes alongside and listing out the Formulas.

Test out yourself regularly, and Practice-

  • Analyze your learning pace by solving sample questions for that particular concept or chapter.
  • Mark the questions that you stuck.
  • Revise the concepts that fuel those questions.
  • Tip– Searching for the concept online will help you to understand it easily with the examples.
  • Do not overlook any potent question or concept if cracking NEET 2018 is your ultimate goal.

Revise the Important Areas-

  • Don’t expect you can memorise a concept, formula, equation, derivation or mechanism in one go. It seems this way, but it is not. Revise them
  • Also revise what you once had difficulty with.
  • Give extra attention to important reactions and derivations
  • Solve the questions based on them.

Finally, it is the time to take Mock Tests and Analyse-

  • Once you are done with the entire NEET 2018 syllabus, go for solving the previous years’ Question papers, Sample Papers and Online questions for NEET.
  • Analyze your growth and point out your mistakes.
  • Give those questions your time and work on them.
  • Search for similar other questions and try to solve them. You can find many online.
  • Repeat the steps 2 & 3.
  • It will boost your confidence to overcome nervousness and will build your speed to solve question paper in the given time.

Bonus Tips:

  • Explain the concepts and mechanisms to someone to get a good hold of them.
  • You should also give online learning its worth share.
  • Ask your queries on Question & Answer sites like Quora, Yahoo Answers.

It would be hugely helpful to you.

  • Search for Explanatory videos.
  • Do not undermine the role of NCERT Books even if you have those costly thick Refreshers.